Studio Forge is a conglomeration of different disciplines. You can expect to find information on topics like computers / gaming, woodworking, pottery, education, parenting, and DIY.

We have contributors like:


I am an IT professional that has 14 years of experience if you just count my official on the job time but 30 if you count all my time behind a keyboard. I have multiple IT certifications the top of which are my CISSP, MCITP:EA/SA, CCENT, Project , CHFI. I have a BS in Information Technology from Western Governors University.


I am a Teaching student finishing up my degree at Western Governors University. I am Mother to three wonderful children ranging from 5 – 15. So that’s 15 years of parenting experience through the gamut of all children age groups so its a good bet that I have seen most everything and figured out a way to prevent, help, or just cope with the consequences. I also have a bit of an artistic bug when it comes to pottery. My interest in pottery started when I took a pottery class at our local community college in the early 2000’s and I have dabbled quite successfully ever since.


I am a high school student who has found the most interest in my Drama and Art. Most of my contributions to this site will be artistic.