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Fixed our Discovery Kids digital mp3 boombox

This post is about how I fixed my kids Discovery Kids digital mp3 boombox that stopped working. It just wouldn’t turn on any more.



I did some searching on the problem and found that other had this same problem. Some found a solution by connecting it to a computer and formating the device. Like others the unit would work fine when connected to USB. The drive looked to be ok, I could access it from the computer without issie, but I copied off the music and formatted the drive just to make sure and then put the music back on. This didn’t help me but I void warranties very well so I opened it up. I also noticed that something was rattling around in there when I shook it so I figured I would at least see what that was.

The tricky part about getting into this toy is the rubber plugs in the screw holes. I had a dental tool that was curved and rather sharp, almost like a sewing needle. I was able to hook it around he back of the plugs and pull them out then use a very small Phillips screw driver to get the screws out.

I found that our kids had played with it a little too rough and the cable that supplies power to the main board from the batteries was broken off. The wires had moved back and forth enough to cause stress fractures and snap off. This flat gray cable has four wires in it and comes off of the circut board that the “ON HOLD OFF” switch controls, which is a pass through for the battery power.

I had to take all of the internal circut boards out and the speakers. Go easy so you don’t break off any other wires. I then stripped back the insulation on the power cable, I just cut between each wire with a hobby knife and used my thumb nail to strip it so I wouldn’t cut the thin wire any more then it was. Next I tinned each wire. Next I tested to see which wire was the ground wire as the ground terminal was labled on the main board and I could use that to make sure I put the wires back in the right place. I just used my multimeter to test continuity to find it. While I was doing all of this my soldering iron was heating up and was now ready for me to re-attach the wires, so that’s what I did. It was a little tricky because my iron tip is was a bit big for this kind of work so I got the terminals crossed once and had to clean it up.

Once the cable was back on I tested it out and it worked just fine. Before I closed it all back up I shot in a good amount of hot glue around the power cable and a few others that looked weak. I put every thing back in and all the screws and even the rubber plugs. The kids were back dancing to “Bit By Bit” and supper happy.

This took me about an hour to do but half of it was with my son in my lap “helping” me out.

Hope this helps someone.