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Worst first experience


My wife and I attempted to attend the NFL preseason game between the L.A. Rams and the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday August13th 2016. This was to be her first time going to see an NFL game in person, and it was happening at the perfect time. She had just finished her first week in her new carrier as an elementary school teacher after years of attending college and teaching courses. Her favorite football team is the Cowboys and until the Rams came back to L.A. there was no opportunity for us to afford a trip to go see them play. She came home from grocery shopping Saturday morning and told me about the game so I told her “let’s go”. We found tickets that were mostly within our budget, and hopped in the car. Even though we convinced ourselves that the $203.98 for the tickets and the money for gas, food, and baby sitter was something that we could afford in order to celebrate my wife’s achievement it is a lot of money for us to spend on something that isn’t food or to pay bills.

Our trip to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is one that encompasses a 158 mile 2 hour and 39 minute, without traffic, trip. One way. Even with these negative aspects that presented themselves we still made the choice to make the pilgrimage to see the Rams host the Cowboys. We expected traffic and chaos and higher than normal prices for things like hot dogs and water, but we had no idea and we’re completely shocked at the parking situation. As we were driving up to the stadium we saw that the city of L.A. had placed special no parking signs for blocks around the stadium, even on sections of road that have parking meters. We figured we would have to pay for parking but $100 and up was ridiculous. We drove around in circles in event level traffic for over an hour and when we finally found an open spot it the parking lot of a gas station over a mile away. We sat there for a few minutes weighting our options and evaluating our situation. On the one had we had the $200 + spent on tickets etc. and a desire to celebrate and enjoy a fun time together. On the other we had a 30-45 minute walk in an unfamiliar city, the potential for our vehicle being towed or vandalized, and the game was half over and with the walk waiting to get inside etc. we could maybe see the last 10 minutes of the game. With more negatives than positives we kissed the idea of going to the game good by and headed back home dissapointed, sad, mad, and angry.

That’s our story of what we will forever remember and refer to as “The Rams Game”. It will always remind each other to think about the worst thing that could happen before making quick last minute decisions.

In my most practical frame of mind I want to have this experience be recorded and our anger and disappointment in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum venue, the Los Angeles Rams, the City of Los Angeles, and the National Football League made public. When in my frame of mind where I feel cheated out of my time, money, and ability to reward my wife for her hard work I want a full refund of the price of the tickets. While still in this frame of mind I cannot understand how a venue that has a capacity of 93,607 does not have a corresponding capacity parking lot. Then as it seems the City of Los Angeles works to slow for the gouging of parking prices by eliminating the ability to use otherwise usable public parking spaces.

Please respond as you see fit, as I plan to broadcast this message as far and as wide across the Internet, social media, friends, and family.

Michael Lane