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Wind Energy Pros and Cons for Survival

Alternative energy production is key to the survival game. Below I layout basic wind energy pros and cons.


I have scored the Internet for all the most relevant and important facts about alternative energy in general and wind power specifically. This wind energy pros and cons listing will help you make a decision on implementing wind as an alternate energy solution. Alternative energy is not a competition and this post is not going to recommend wind energy over any other type of alternative energy like solar panels. All types of alternative energy have pros and cons depending on your needs for energy based on aspects such as your Geo-location, energy requirements, skill level, etc.  Everything you are about to read is properly referenced at the bottom of this page. 


Pros and Cons:

Pro: Wind energy is one of the oldest “green” energy solutions employed by humans. We have been using the windmill to pump water, grind flower, etc. for thousands of years. In all these years it still does not directly cause pollution.

Con: Wind can be a seasonal source of energy so it might not meet your foundation energy requirements without storing the generated energy, e.g., batteries.

Pro: The potential of wind power is enormous – 20 times more than what the entire human population needs.**

Con: Upfront costs can be extensive for both corporate and private individuals.

Pro: Contrary to the above con prices are declining and have decreased over 80% since 1980 and are should keep decreasing.****

Con: Some wind turbines have been known to cause harm to wildlife, flying animals such as birds do not always see the spinning blades and collide with them.

Pro: Wind turbines are incredible space-efficient. The largest of them generate enough electricity to power 600 U.S. homes.*****

Con: Close neighbors might complain of the noise.

Pro: Wind power only accounts for about 2.5% of total worldwide electricity production, but is growing at a promising rate of 25% per year (2010).*

Con: Close neighbors might complain of the aesthetics.

Pro: Until we run out of it wind power will be and is ever replenishing (renewable) and since wind is available any place on the planet we can harness energy anywhere like offshore wind.

Con: There is a slight potential that a localized impact on night-time temperatures and weather can occur.

Pro: Maintenance costs for a wind powered generator are relatively low.

Con: Since it is designed to catch wind, a wind turbine is susceptible to damage from severe storms or extremely high winds.

Pro: Application in domestic applications has great potential to effect the power grid for the better: easing the demand on the utility companies and mitigating  power outages for homeowners.



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